Taylor Material Handlers

In the recycling industry, you need every edge you can get. TheTaylor MH Seriesof material handlers are manufactured with heavy-duty components to withstand the must punishing environments and improve your recycling, scrap, or other material handling operations.

As strong as it is versatile, the MH Series includes four base models that can be equipped with a huge range of attachments and undercarriage options to get the job done. To learn about what these cutting-edge machines can do for your day-to-day grind and to find the model that best suits your applications,contact H&K Equipmenttoday.

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Operator Cab

Taylor Material Handlers are equipped with a range of features to keep operators safe, comfortable, and in the best position to handle scrap, recyclables, and more.

Standard features include:

• Adjustable air ride seat with armrest joystick
Cab with top guard
Front, back, and left side access ladders
• Hydraulic cab riser with access platform
• Impact-resistant front and top windshields
LED cab mounted lights
Side and rearview cameras


Starting at the undercarriage of the machine, Taylor Material Handlers are highly customizeable and can be altered to fit your specific needs.

The MH Series from Taylor can be equipped with pneumatic tires or industrial-grade treads to safely traverse the most treacherous conditions.

Furthermore, to maximize machine stability and increase operator safety and efficiency, the chassis is built with 4-point outriggers.


Arguably, the most important aspect of a material handler is the stick. Taylor material handlers are outfitted with a heavy-duty, 51-foot long stick, allowing operators to easily handle hard-to-reach materials. With pipe rupture safety valves and LED lights mounted along the stick, MH Series are easier to see and safer to use. And with the wide range of attachments available, they give you the flexibility you need around the yard. To learn more about what the T40-MH stick can do,contact H&K Equipmenttoday.

Attachment Options

Taylor Machine Works designed and engineered their series of material handlers to be versatile. These tough-as-nails machines can be equipped with a wide range of attachments to assist operators with differing needs.

Options include, but are not limited to:

• Clamshell grabs
• Grab suspensions
Industrial scrap magnets
• Loading hooks
• Orange peel grabs
• Quick-change systems
• Sorting grabs
• Timber grabs


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