When most of your storage space is vertical, it’s time to look up with aDrexelvery narrow aisle forklift. Drexel’s trademark Swingmast system provides 90 degrees of mast rotation, allowing you to operate effectively in aisles as narrow as 54 inches wide. And with capacities of to 12,000 pounds, the options of what you can store and retrieve safely gowayup. And for especially sensitive areas, Drexel also offers an explosion-proof forklift certified by Underwriters Laboratories for use in flammable environments. With Drexel, there’s no space in your facility that you can’t use safely.

欧宝体育在线登录入口is a leading supplier of warehouse and industrial supplies, and we’re pleased to offer Drexel forklifts for material handling applications that other brands just can’t touch. In addition to new and used trucks, we provide industry leading service and parts support for all Drexel and Landoll products. To learn more about Drexel very narrow aisle and explosion-proof forklifts, browse our online inventory or call1-800-272-9952.

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Very narrow aisle forklifts for warehouse applications — get to spaces other lift trucks can’t.

Explosion-Proof Forklifts

Explosion-proof forklifts for flammable hazardous applications.